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Avoid These Mistakes When Preparing to Move

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Moving from one home to another is almost always stressful, even if you're only going from a small apartment to another small apartment and don't have many things to take with you. To keep your move as stress-free as possible, note a few mistakes to avoid during the process.

Overloading boxes

When preparing for a move, many people tend to pack similar items in one box, but this can result in some very heavy boxes that are difficult to move and which might not hold up against the packing tape used to keep them closed! To avoid the risk of a box splitting open and to keep it easy to manage during a move, pick up a box a few times as you pack it. For example, you might pack away a few books, then pick up the box and see how heavy it is. If the box is still light enough, add another book or two, then pick it up again. Keep doing this as you pack all your boxes so you know when they're getting heavy and when it's time to add lightweight items.

Using scratchy packing materials

Wrapping your delicate items in winter clothes, blankets and towels can protect those items and also save you money on packing supplies. However, scratchy sweaters and scarves can easily etch or damage glass items, soft plastic and the like.

If you're not sure if the materials you have for packing might damage your items, invest in acid-free tissue paper to wrap around those items, and then pack them in a sweater or blanket. This type of thick but gentle tissue paper will create a protective barrier around your item so it won't get scratched or etched by packing materials.

Putting personal care items away

After you've moved into your new house or apartment, you may want to shower and otherwise freshen up before all your unpacking is done. Putting your personal care items away in the bottom of a box and forgetting to label that box properly, can mean having to hunt around for your shampoo, toothpaste and so on. This only adds to the stress of moving to a new home!

Instead, set aside the personal care items you'll need during the unpacking process and put them in a watertight, zippered bag, and put that bag in a box that's easily accessible and properly labelled. You might even store those personal care items in an actual overnight bag. This ensures you have the things you need to stay comfortable while you settle into your new home.

Contact a professional removals company for more assistance and advice.