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Guidance for Generating More Shade for Your Terrace

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A shady spot in your garden is always welcome, especially if you want to sit outside during the heat of the day. All too often, shaded areas are beneath some trees or large shrubs at the bottom of your garden rather than being where you really want the shade—over a terrace or a patio that is close to your home. If planting large shade-making trees near to your property does not appeal—it often doesn't because of the damage that tree roots can cause to foundations—then what are your other options?

Install a Shade Sail

These days, you see shade sails in all parts of the country, not just the tropical northern territories. The great thing about a shade sail is that it can be designed to meet your exact specifications. This means that the whole of your terraced area can be covered or just a section of it, as preferred. A number of shapes can be chosen, each offering different shading qualities depending on how your terrace faces the moving sun. To avoid shade sail repairs, opt for tough manmade fibres in the sail itself as well as reinforced eyelets. These parts of a shade sail tend to take the most wear from the structure moving when wind strikes it. Bear in mind that darker sails soak up more of the sun's rays than lighter ones, but always ensure the sail offers proper UV protection before proceeding anyway.

Fit a Pergola

Pergolas are often ornately designed, but in their simplest forms they can be constructed from a straightforward H-shaped arrangement of timbers. Some people like to drape a section canvas through the beams of their pergola, but a preferable option is to create more natural shade by growing a plant thought it. A climbing plant like a rose or a vine is ideal for this purpose. Pergola plants can be grown in planters so that you don't have to worry about their roots. Indeed, any plant that is grown by this method can be moved to a new position with ease, which means repositioning your pergola becomes a viable option, too.

Purchase an Awning

If your terrace is directly adjacent to your house, then an awning can do a good job of generating shade over it. Awnings come in a variety of colours and sizes, but they will only extend out from your home directly, so they are not that flexible. Awnings are not as resistant to high winds as shade sails but you can retract them in windy conditions to offer them some protection during gales.