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3 Ways To Add A Warm, Nature-Inspired feel To Your New Kitchen

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For several years, highly contemporary neutral, minimalist and monochromatic designs have dominated kitchen trends. Recently, these stylish but sometimes stark designs have made way to a softer and warmer look that takes its inspiration from nature. If you're remodelling your kitchen and you'd like to create a cosy, inviting and modern look, here are three inspiring ideas that you might like to consider.

1. Timber benchtops

Timber benchtops have been around for decades but waned in popularity over the last decade in favour of solid-surface, metal and composite stone benchtops. With the warm, nature-based look coming into fashion, timber has experienced a renaissance as a beautiful and practical benchtop material once again.

The kitchen benchtop represents a large percentage of the overall surfaces of the room, and choosing timber creates a centrepiece that is warm and adds subtle, natural colour to the room. You can opt for a solid-timber benchtop or a modern laminate timber version if you want to keep your budget in check.

2. Coloured cabinetry

Another recent design trend that helps to harness the beauty of nature is coloured cabinetry. This is a big swing from the plain white or dark blues and greys that have featured so prolifically in modern kitchens. Coloured cabinetry helps to create a more vibrant and personal look and feel.

To avoid an overwhelming colour scheme, opt for soft, dusty colours that are taken from the natural world. Powder blue, pale terracotta and greens such as sage and olive are all popular choices. These soft, natural colours also complement and contrast beautifully with the natural timber elements in the room.

3. Natural stone tiles

Another way to add a striking yet earthy natural element to your kitchen is to choose natural stone tiles. These have never really gone out of fashion but have been more commonly used as sharp, glossy elements in contemporary kitchens.

The new, natural and warm look will work best with tiles that have a matte finish and a more organic feel to them. Stone tiles made from granite, sandstone and limestone will work better than shiny stone tiles made from marble or quartz. The matte finish, small pockmarks and slightly imperfect edges to the tiles add up to a more natural, rustic and homely look.

These ideas will help you to create a kitchen that's big on modern style but feels more like a kitchen in a family home than a designer showroom. You can ask your kitchen designer or builder to incorporate these ideas when you begin the design stage of your new kitchen.