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How to Always Get the Best Result When Planting a Variety of New Trees

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If you are the owner of an extensive piece of land, you may have placed the home of your dreams right in the middle and are now turning your attention to the rest of the acreage. You want to be sure that the exterior of the property is as spectacular as the inside of your new home and may well be bringing in a specialist landscape architect or contractor to help you achieve this. Assuming that the land in question is virgin, you need to bring in some stock provided by a wholesale tree nursery. What should you bear in mind if you want a landscaped property that you can be proud of?

Why a Precise Approach Is Required

When you order trees from any nursery you need to be as clear as possible about your desired outcome. This is because there is no defined standard in the industry relating to the overall strength, size and configuration of the tree. Certainly, you will be able to choose stock according to the size of the root ball and the circumference of the trunk when measured a certain distance from the ground, but this does not necessarily cover the way that the individual stock has been prepared, trimmed and configured.

How to Get the Best Result

To get this right, you need to provide a more detailed wish list to the nursery in question, and this is where your landscape architect will definitely come into the picture. They will have a better idea of 'what works where' and the precise appearance of each tree that you purchase. They'll be able to speak the same language as the nursery so that between them they provide you with the ideal choices. This will allow you to put the right tree in the right location and get the perfect vista.

While the architect will paint a picture from an aesthetic point of view, the nursery professional will be able to suggest options that may take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the location. It may be possible, after all, to substitute another type of tree or even to go in a completely different direction for a certain part of the property.

Choosing Carefully

To make sure that you get the perfect outcome, you should be equally as careful when choosing the best nursery as you are when bringing in other architects and contractors. Start reaching out to local nurseries for more guidance.