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Why Use an Interior Designer When Making Changes to Your Home?

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Consulting with an interior designer before making changes to your home is strongly recommended, if you're doing anything more than just changing the paint colours on the walls. If you're thinking of making any changes to your home's interior, including buying new furniture or changing the footprint of any space, note a few reasons why you might want to enlist the services of an interior designer, and why those services can be so important for your plans.

Maintenance of surfaces

Different surface materials will need different types of maintenance, which you may not realize when you're shopping for benchtops, floor tiles, and the like. An interior designer can alert you to how stone slabs, timber slats, linoleum tiles, concrete floors, and other such surface materials are maintained over the years. This can ensure that you choose surface materials that are durable for the rooms in which they will be installed, and that you can figure their maintenance costs into your home improvement and maintenance budget.


When remodelling any room of your home, you may overlook its actual layout, and this can cause problems for how the furniture and other such items are arranged. For example, you may not think of the windows in a room when buying furniture, and may wind up choosing pieces that block access to those windows. You might choose furniture that is large enough to accommodate a crowd when entertaining, but which also cuts off the flow of foot traffic in a room, or which sits too close to an entertainment centre or doorway. An interior designer can help you to choose furniture pieces that work well in the layout of any room, while providing the seating you need.

Colour and style

If you've ever tried to bring new furniture pieces into a room and find that those items just don't seem to "fit," or realize that the colours you've chosen for furniture pieces and other accessories don't mesh and coordinate, an interior designer can help. They can assist with choosing pieces that are all in the same style, and can also help you to choose colours for upholstery, wall paint, and other surfaces that coordinate properly. They can also caution against pieces or colours that might look good in a catalogue, but which might not fit the style of your home. This can ensure you create an atmosphere in every room of your home that is welcoming and comfortable, and which expresses your own personality as well.