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Three reasons why your lawn has developed brown spots

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There is nothing that ruins the glory of an otherwise beautiful lawn than the emergence of brown spots all over the surface. When these spots show up, you as the homeowner will try options such as adding water and fertiliser to the affected area in a bid to reverse the problem. However law care experts usually recommend that before trying to apply any solution to a lawn which has started getting brown patches, you should try and find out where the problem is.

Excessive water ruins grass

Most people think that the biggest problem that can affect a lawn is lack of water. The reality is that too much water can also be a serious problem. When water is draining poorly from the soil in certain areas of the lawn, the excess water will start poisoning the roots of the grass. Eventually some of the grass will start turning brown and if steps are not taken to rectify the problem, the grass will die totally. You can solve poor drainage issues by using a spiking tool to dig holes in the lawn and filling them with sand, which will then drain the water.

Pet urine

While pets are amazing to have around the home, you need to learn to keep your dog off the lawn if you want to avoid brown patches. When your dog urinates all over the lawn, the uric acid in the urine turns the entire lawn into a mess of brown spots. If you do not have a dog, but keep getting the brown spots from a neighbour's dog, you should consider installing a fence to keep the brown spots away.

Poor mowers

The sharpness of the blades of your lawn mower could be the reason behind the development of brown spots on your lawn. When the blades are blunt, the brown patches will show up on the lawn every time after you mow the lawn. The simple solution to this problem is sharpening the blades of the mower.

These are a few reasons behind the development of brown patches on the lawn and the possible solution. Other reasons behind brown patches include excessive use of fertilisers and the presence of fungus, especially in places which are hot and humid. It is best to make sure that you have the help and guidance of an expert in lawn care. They will be in a position to figure out the exact cause of brown patches in the lawn and give a workable solution. For more information, contact companies like Cox Mowers.