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2 Unobtrusive And Versatile Partition Ideas For Your Open-Plan Living Area

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Open plan living is a virtually ubiquitous feature in newly built homes and in many renovated older homes too. The days of having a separate kitchen, dining room and living room are over, and modern homeowners want a large, airy and social living space that has multiple functions.

In some homes, particularly large ones, the open-plan layout can sometimes make a home feel a little too cavernous and leave you craving a closed-off nook or corner. If your home has this vibe, then adding a flexible partition wall can help to make the space seem cosier and more defined. Here are two unobtrusive and versatile partition ideas that you might like to try in your home.

1. Plantation shutters

More commonly used a window dressing, plantation shutters are also a great option to use as a versatile partition in your living space. They're sleek and streamlined but have a classic and timeless look that works with any style of decor. You can have them completely closed for total privacy, open the louvres for light and airflow or hinge them open to revert back to an open plan.

Floor-to-ceiling shutters are a good choice for creating a partition that can be hidden away entirely if you desire. For a more solid partition, you can install a half-height wall topped with regular window shutters. This will make your partitioned-off area feel more enclosed while still giving you the option to open the area to the main open-plan living space with ease.

2. Sliding doors

Another way to effectively section off one or more areas of your open-plan living area is to use sliding doors. Use lightweight doors that slide into a hidden recess that can be installed in the wall for a partition that can be opened and closed as and when it's required. Make sure that the doors are the same colour as your walls so they fit in perfectly with your decor style when in use.

Sliding doors can be added in several different locations in your open-plan living area, depending on the specific layout. Doors that close off the kitchen, and the view of dirty dishes, from the dining room are great for when you're entertaining. Doors that can block out noise and light in the lounge area are great if you have one family member who needs to work or study and another who wants to watch TV.