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Features to Ask For When Choosing a New Garage

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When you're ready to have a new garage installed on your property, you may want to take your time and shop around for all the available features and options that are available to you, so you know your garage looks its best, is well-organized and functional, and is easy to maintain. A basic, stripped-down garage may protect your car and lawn care equipment, but upgrading that basic model with a few simple features can easily enhance its overall style and function, and make it a better choice for you. Note a few of those features you might consider before you even begin shopping and then discuss with a garage installer.

Slat wall

A slat wall is a wall covered in long, horizontal slats. These are very useful for keeping your lawn care equipment and other tools organized; you can add hooks to the slats at various locations, as they serve you best, and then easily move those hooks as needed, to hang up tools of various sizes. Having a slat wall installed when the garage is erected can be easier than trying to retrofit slats, and also gives you more flexibility than if you simply screwed hooks right to the wall, without being able to move and adjust their location over time.

Floor coating

A residential garage doesn't need to be installed over a bare concrete floor; you can have various coatings added to the concrete slab, to give the floor style and make it easier to clean. Thick acrylic coatings can repel oil and other fluids that may drip from the car, as well as mud and dirt that gets tracked into the garage. These coatings can also be easily cleaned with a garden hose. A decorative coating with a nice stripe or other design can enhance the look of the garage, so you appreciate its appearance and not just its function.

Air outlets

If you often work in your garage, have it made with air outlets, for fresh air circulation even when the garage door is closed. You can close these outlets when you're done in the garage, to keep out cold or hot air when the space is unoccupied.

For even more comfort, have a split system air conditioning and heater installed. The system doesn't run through the ductwork of the home but produces cool or hot air that is pushed through a front panel. You can then work in your garage in full comfort, at any time of the year, no matter the weather outside.