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What Makes a Retractable Awning a Perfect Addition to Your Deck?

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Building a wooden deck is a great way to turn part of your yard into an outdoor living space that is both functional and beautiful — wooden decks give a warm and comfortable feel beneath the feet, but also add unparalleled visual interest to your outdoor space, thanks to wood's natural contours. As decks are not designed to have roofs, however, wooden decks are usually susceptible to rain, snow and/or ice damage as well as the sun's weathering effect, resulting in premature deterioration of the wood. As such, home owners with decks that may persistently be exposed to these elements will need to provide some sort of weather protection for their decks.

Many Australian home owners needing a little shade from the hot summer sun or shelter from rain, snow and/or ice usually install retractable awnings for their wooden decks. Retractable awning system is designed to provide shade/shelter when extended and allow for a more open space when retracted. This way, they can protect themselves from harm, but also prevent damage that can be caused by overexposure the elements.

To put the icing on the cake, the benefits of retractable awning installation for wooden decking extend beyond just weather protection. Continue reading on below to learn about some other essential benefits that these awnings have to offer:

Energy savings

Extending your retractable awnings when you are not out sunbathing in your deck can result in substantial savings on your energy costs. These awnings will significantly reduce heat gain in your home by preventing summer's intense heat from being transferred into your interior space via the windows and walls. As this will reduce the need for air conditioning, you will be able to lower your monthly energy bills considerably.

Protection of furnishings

Installing retractable awnings over your deck is a wonderful way to protect your upholstered outdoor furniture, but you may also end up protecting the carpets and upholstered furniture placed indoors. Providing a 'roof' over your deck means the upholstered furniture and fabrics in the deck and certain rooms of the home will be protected from the sun's fading effect.

Longer service life

Compared to non-retractable versions, retractable awnings tend to last longer. Why? Well, because they can be retracted when necessary to prevent damage that can be caused by inclement elements. A retractable awning, for example, can be retracted in high winds to keep it in good working shape. A non-retractable version, on the other hand, might not withstand such harsh weather.

Compared to their non-retractable counterparts, retractable awnings are generally more expensive to install. However, the higher price tag comes with a greater return on investment.