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Why Install a Pergola Over Your Home's Outdoor Space

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A pergola is a simple structure, composed of four posts and then slats for a roof. A pergola can be very small, just large enough for a cafe table and two chairs underneath, or it can be very large, covering your entire outdoor deck or patio area. If you're thinking of adding an outdoor seating space or any type of patio to your property, or if one is already installed, note why a pergola may be a good addition to that area.


A pergola can have walls or a wall installed on any of its sides. This allows you privacy, protection from the sun, noise insulation, and a space to add hanging flower baskets. The wall or walls of a pergola can also block an unsightly view; if you have cars that are parked in a driveway that extends to the backyard, if your neighbours don't keep up their property very well, or there is a nearby roadway or industrial area, you can block off the view of these things with pergola walls. This creates a more relaxing environment around your patio space.

Anchoring the space

In decorating, the term "anchoring" refers to using one large piece that makes smaller pieces seem as if they are cohesively joined together in a group, rather than just randomly scattered around a space. Your sofa may "anchor" the other furniture pieces in the room, as an example.

If you have outdoor landscaping and patio furniture that all seems very random, as if they're simply placed outside without much forethought and planning, a pergola can anchor those pieces together. Your patio furniture will seem as if it's coordinated in a nice arrangement and not simply scattered around the area, and your flower bushes will also feel as if they're a planned extension of the patio area. If you know your outdoor space needs something strong and definitive to make pieces seem pulled together, a pergola can be the solution.


Patio umbrellas can provide shade outside, but you need to take them down and put them in storage when the weather is very severe. Shade sails may need regular dry cleaning, especially after strong storms that leave behind lots of dirt and mud. The materials of sails might also unravel and get damaged over time. Some cloth awnings may also come apart over the years. A pergola, however, is very durable and shouldn't need much maintenance, cleaning, or other repairs for as long as you own it.