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2 Key Additions That Will Transform Your Living Room Into Your Very Own Home Cinema

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If you love to watch movies, then having your very own home cinema may be a dream come true. If you imagine that this kind of luxury is the preserve of the rich who have enormous homes, then you'll be pleased to know that you don't need a mansion and an eye-wateringly large bank balance to have a cinema in your own home.

Even a small home with only a single living room can be transformed into a luxurious cinema room with a little know-how. With these two key additions, you'll be able to enjoy blockbuster movies in style without having to leave your house.

1. A recliner lounge suite

Recliner lounge suites look very similar to a regular lounge suite but they also feature two or more seats that recline. They can be standard rectangle shaped sofas or modular, corner style lounges for extra seating. Recliner lounges allow you to use them in a standard way for day-to-day life and then transform into the ultimate in movie watching luxury.

Recliner lounges can feature a simple manually operated reclining mechanism or you can take it a step further with an automated reclining function that is operated with a built in touchpad. Many models also feature holders for your drinks or popcorn, and the top end models even come equipped with small fridge compartments for keeping your beverages chilled.

2. A huge flat screen TV

To create an authentic cinematic experience, you'll need a TV that does justice to today's high definition film quality and incredible special effects. In this scenario, big really is better but you'll also need to ensure that the picture quality isn't compromised on over size. You're better off opting for a slightly smaller TV with better picture quality than a larger one with inferior graphics.

The good news is that modern TVs are constantly being replaced by the current year's newest model. This means that you can generally pick up a bargain for brand new TVs that are being cleared for new stock. It also means that you can pick up a top quality second-hand model for a fraction of the cost of a new one as tech addicts sell their older TVs for the latest model.

Creating a fantastic home cinema is really as simple as adding these two features to your living room. With the lights dimmed and some popcorn on your lap, you won't need a mansion or a fortune to feel like you've struck gold. For additional reading, contact a professional.