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Why Building a Home Is Often the Better Option Than Buying

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If you're in the market for a new home, you don't want to assume that buying a house for sale is the better option than having one built. There are many advantages that new homes offer versus existing homes on the market; note a few of those here so you can know if working with a home builder rather than a real estate agent is the right choice for your new home needs.

Hidden costs of purchasing

When considering the cost of buying a home, you need to look past the price of purchase and needed repairs and also note the expense of cosmetic changes. As one example, repainting the home's entire interior may cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even if you do this work yourself. New flooring, lighting fixtures, benchtops and other such items may not seem very expensive on their own, but their total costs can quickly add up. You may also have to pay for home inspections, cover your real estate agent's commission and pay the home's closing costs when you buy a home on the market, and these can all make that home more expensive than one you have built from the ground up.

Transitional home

Hiring new home builders can mean avoiding the hassle of needing to eventually sell the home to get a different home as your needs change over the years. For example, if you have older children at home who will probably move out in a few years, you might have a home built with detachable bedroom walls that are easily removed so you can eliminate those bedrooms as desired. A new home might be built with an elevator and other such devices that would allow you to stay in the home as you get elderly and face mobility issues. A home builder can even offer suggestions that might make a new home more transitional for you so you can plan on it being the last home you will ever own.

Healthier home

An older home may be more likely to have lead paint, mould, asbestos, trapped air pollution and other irritants than a new home. The framework of an older home may also be holding extra moisture that would attract insects and rodents; these pests can damage the home and be very unhealthy for you. If you're worried about the cleanliness of your home and want to ensure a safe and nontoxic environment for you and your family, having a new home built with new materials can be the best option.