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Design Ideas to Seriously Consider for Your New Kitchen

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When remodelling a kitchen, or designing a new kitchen for a new home you're having built, you want to consider how all its features will add style to the space, while also making it as functional as possible for food prep and needed storage of household items. Note a few ideas for your kitchen that will help the space to be both attractive and workable for you and your family.

Farm-style sink

A farm-style sink is extra deep and wide, and often includes an apron, meaning that the edge of the sink is exposed and not covered by the front of your kitchen cabinetry. This style of sink is very attractive and visually appealing, and also gives you added room for filling or washing very deep and large pots and oversized dishes. The size of this sink can also look more proportionate with an oversized faucet above it, versus a standard two-sided stainless steel sink that can look a bit undersized when paired with a large faucet and knobs.

Track lighting

Track lighting is very popular in kitchens today, and with good reason. The track is more open and stylish than a plastic covering for a fluorescent light, and also doesn't yellow over the years, as those plastic covers often do. Track lighting also allows you to aim each light where it's needed, so you can more easily read a cookbook or add some light to a back area of the kitchen. You can also aim the light on your expensive new cupboards, to show off the wood grain.

Recycling centre

Your family may be more encouraged to recycle if there are bins set aside for your bottles, cans, plastic, newspaper, and the like. Incorporating this type of centre into your kitchen design can also ensure that these bins are not left out and exposed, where they soon become an unsightly mess. If space is limited, add a small recycling centre under the sink, where bins slide out for easy access.

Broom closet

Don't overlook a broom closet for your new kitchen, as having a separate closet where you can store all your brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, and rubbish bin can keep these items organized and easy to find. A broom closet also gives you space to store trash bags, paper towels, and other such items, a must-have for those who buy these in bulk and find that they take up too much room in a pantry or cupboard.