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Installation Process of Split Air Conditioners

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Installation of split air conditioners involves the complete set up of both indoor and outdoor cooling units. They can also be referred to as mini split or ductless air conditioners. Split air conditioners are generally easier to install than other types. A hole is needed to connect the wiring system between the indoor system and the outdoor compressor unit. Installation procedures are mostly specific to the type of split conditioner unit you purchase. With the right materials, you can easily complete the process and save some money that would rather be used on professional services. Here is what needs to be done:

Have the Right Tools and Materials

To avoid guess work and be certain of what you will be doing, make sure you have the right tools and materials for the job. You will need both indoor and outdoor split air conditioners, a drill, screw driver, and insulation.

First Step: Unpacking the Split Air Conditioner

Remove the cooling unit from its packaging and place the indoor unit to the position where it should be mounted. For the outdoor unit which mainly contains the compressor, place it next to a wall where the hole is to be drilled.

Second Step: Hole Drilling

Drill a large hole large enough to feed the connection wire from indoor to outdoor unit before you make any attempt to mount the indoor unit. Pieces of fibre glass may be useful in sealing the section around the hole.

Third Step: Indoor Unit Installation

Proceed by attaching the indoor unit to the best wall position in your house using the wall mounts that come with the package. Make sure the indoor unit is secured in a position that allows the maximum amount of air to flow. In addition, make sure there are minimal movement and disturbance for effective operation of your cooling unit.

Fourth Step: Connecting Wires and Connectors

After securing your indoor unit in correct position and installing it properly, pull the wires and other connecting components fed to the outside through the hole and connect them to the compressor unit on the outside. Make sure the compressor unit is placed and secured in the right position, free from any objects, trees and plantation. After positioning it well, connect the unit to the nearby electrical outlet sockets around your house to test the connections if they work perfectly. After testing connections, make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the unit has the correct settings to run effectively.

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