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4 Reasons Why A garage Door Will Make A Great Retractable Wall For The Interior Of Your Home

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Remote controlled garage doors are a ubiquitous feature on Australian homes from the most recent decades. They provide easy and fast access to your garage and extra security for your home. You may think that garage doors really have only one purpose but an increasing number of homeowners are finding a new use for them as retractable walls in their interior living space.

If this sounds like an intriguing idea, then here are four reasons why it might make a great addition to your home.

1. You'll bring the outdoors indoors

There is a growing trend in Australian home design that aims to create a seamless link between a home's interior and the outdoor living spaces. This is generally achieved by using bifold doors or recessed sliding doors. Installing a remote control garage door to replace an entire wall in your living space means that your home can be opened up completely at the push of a button.

2. You'll get the look for less

Bifold doors and recessed sliding doors are undeniably attractive ways to create a good flow between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. However, their cost can be prohibitive if your building or renovating a home on a small budget. A garage door will cost you a fraction of the price with the bonus of an automated system that may not be achievable with normal doors.

3. You won't need to compromise on style

Modern garage doors come in a wide range of styles, materials and colours. You might find that you prefer the urban, industrial look that more traditional a garage doors provide. If you'd like a garage door that is more elegant and refined, there are beautiful timber and vinyl versions that will complement the interior of any style of home.

4. You'll still have a comfortable home

You may feel concerned that a garage door might make your home feel drafty, too cold or too hot. There's no need to worry, modern garage doors are equipped with effective seals that keep out drafts and can be bought with an insulated core to moderate your home's internal temperatures. Glazed panels are also available to maximise natural light and the view from your home.

If using a garage door as a retractable wall in your living space seems like it could make a fantastic addition to your home, then contact your local garage door supplier and installer. They can discuss your needs and let you know which garage door in their range will be the best choice.