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Clearing Up a Few Common Misconceptions About Building a Custom Home

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Having a custom home built can mean finally having the home of your dreams, without the "cookie cutter" feeling you might get with a home that is built according to preset designs. You can have rooms that work for your needs in particular, or a completely open floor plan that allows for maximum light and air circulation, and also have the home situated in a way that allows for the view you love. However, while working with a custom homebuilder can mean creating a home you love, you might have some misconceptions about the process and the home they can build for you. Note a few of those misconceptions and misunderstandings here, and then discuss them with a homebuilder as needed.

Certain floor plans are more expensive than others

It is true that certain custom homes will be more expensive than others, but never assume the cost of the floor plan you want for your new home. For example, a one-story floor plan may sound cheaper than a two-story design, but even just one story may involve a large footprint that requires a lot of building materials. An open floor plan with timber beams can be very affordable, whereas a stick-built home can actually be costly because it requires load-bearing walls and other structural support. Rather than assuming any expense or cost, tell the builder what you want from your home, and he or she will work with you ensure you're happy with the finished product no matter your budget.

A custom home can be situated however you want on your land

If the lot you own is especially hilly or has uneven ground, the home may need certain structural support to keep it strong, which could mean more interior walls than you expected. Certain walls may not be able to support large windows, as that wall may need a larger interior frame. As said, your builder will work with you to create a home you love, but it may not always be exactly to your expected design.

Custom homes are always large

Don't assume that a custom homebuilder will only be interested in building a large, spacious home; it can actually be good to speak to a custom homebuilder when you want a smaller home, so you can ensure you have plenty of storage, large closets and windows, and everything else needed to make a small home welcoming and inviting. No matter the size of home you want, a custom homebuilder can be the best choice for having the end product you love.