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Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Caravan Awnings

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To make your caravan more comfortable overall, you might invest in a good awning, if it doesn't already have one attached to the exterior. An awning can provide shade from summertime sun and also protection from a light rain, which is important when you're trying to enjoy the outdoors and when you're trying to cook outside. If you're in the market for an awning for your caravan, note a few commonly asked questions about these pieces so you'll know you're getting the right awning and will be happy with it for years to come.

What are awning walls?

A caravan awning is just like an awning over your home's windows; it juts out from the side of the caravan and provides a small roof structure. If you want an enclosure around the awning, you need an awning with walls. These will unroll from the top of the awning and provide privacy.

However, if your caravan already has an awning and you want those added walls, you may not need to replace the awning altogether. Awning walls can be bought separately; these are long stretches of fabric that get looped over the top frame of an awning. The bottom of these walls will have eyelets and stakes you put through those openings and then pound into the ground to keep the wall secure.

What are mudflaps?

Mudflaps on a caravan awning wall are the pieces at the bottom of the wall; these panels will usually be thicker and stronger than the rest of the wall to help guard against mud, sand, gravel and other debris that would otherwise damage the awning wall. If you often camp near a beach or stay on a campground with soft soil, be sure you get awning walls with reinforced mudflaps to protect the walls and keep debris out of the area under the awning.

What does it mean when the frame is powder coated?

Powder coating is often applied to metal pieces that are outdoors, such as fences or staircase railings. This refers to a coating that is in powder form, and which is added to the metal and then adhered with a small charge of electricity. That static charge causes the powder to stick to the metal more securely than paint, and this coating protects the metal against rust and corrosion. If the frame of a caravan awning wall has legs that are inserted into the ground, it's good to choose those that have been powder coated so they don't rust or corrode over time.

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