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Important Things You Must Know Before Registering a Plant Nursery Venture

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When plants are too young, the ordinary condition in the house can prove too difficult for them to grow. You need plant nurseries to care for them and get them to an appropriate age where you can transfer them to a normal field. Commercial nurseries are a lucrative business that can generate lots of money for you, especially if you deal in delicate flowers and vegetables that would probably have trouble growing in the field. The following discussion looks at the important things you must know before registering your plant nursery venture:

Property Zoning

Due to the need to design and configure areas in certain ways, the use of land has to be regulated by national and local authorities. The authorities have to set aside land for commercial buildings, parks, residential areas and other activities so that there is proper organisation and order in all areas. Even though they may not tell you what you should do with your property, authorities will use zoning ordinances to dictate the type of activities that you can carry out on your land. This is the first thing you should think about before presenting a proposal to register your plant nursery venture. Make sure that the zoning ordinance allows you to use the property for commercial agricultural use. In this way, it will be easy to stay in tow of other provisions such as construction and development permits.

Insurance Needs

Just like any other business venture, plant nurseries come with associated risks that could lead to significant financial loss and other associated damage. For instance, you can introduce a new species of plants in your nursery and the plants attract pests into the area. These pests may attack a nearby farm and damage all the crops, something that would not have happened if you didn't bring a new species of plants to the area. In some jurisdictions, such a case might force you to pay damages to the affected party. An insurance policy can help you cushion such liabilities if the terms of the policy covers such scenarios.

Environmental Impact

It is also important to think about the impact that the plant nursery will have on the immediate environment before registering your venture. Preferably, bring in an environmentalist to study the ecosystem and assess the impact that the nursery will have on the immediate environment. For instance, will the introduction of the necessary lead to the extinction or multiplication of the microorganisms in the area.  This will help you avoid any conflicts with environmental agencies in the future.   

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